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Perennials That Are Low Maintenance and Best for You and Hardscape Contractor to Grow

Low Upkeep Perennials

The price of plants at the garden center can quickly mount up. Before you know it, you’re spending an increasing amount of money on plants for your backyard. But with these low-maintenance perennials, finding stunning and hardy plants doesn’t have to be a gamble. All of these plants can withstand drought conditions, so they will save you money on watering costs and eventually take up a lot of space. Therefore, the next time you consider expanding your garden, make the most of your money by using our list of minimal maintenance or by hiring a hardscape contractor, with the best-value perennial plants as your guidance.


Blue flower clusters appear on catmint from April to October. It has a strong growth rate, grows tall, and should be given room to spread. Once established, it is tolerant of drought. Plants cultivated in full sun to partial shade will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


This drought-tolerant perennial is frequently overlooked, but with blossoms that draw hummingbirds and butterflies all summer long, it is the ideal addition to any wildlife habitat. Birds might eat the seed heads later in the season. Some cultivars produce flowers in a variety of colors, including orange, pink, red, purple, and blue.

Sweet Romance

Lavender’s sweet aroma is always popular, and it is easy to understand why. Early summer to early fall is when Sweet Romance lavender blooms and new flowers continue to appear throughout the growing season. They work well in lemonade, sweets, sachets, flowers, and other arrangements.

Rainbow Rhythm

There’s a strong possibility that even if you don’t consider yourself a gardener, you’ve seen-daylilies flowering in the summertime all around town. They need only watering and little else, which is one of the reasons so many people plant them. They reproduce consistently from year to year, have a long lifespan, and are easy to share with friends and neighbors.

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